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  WWW Pages for Personal Use

The free home page service is available to clients of CyberXpress who require a Web page for Personal Use.

For information on CyberXpress's Commercial Hosting options see CyberXpress Web Hosting.

For enquiries regarding Web pages for Non-Profit Organisations contact the Homepage Co-ordinator.

Free Homepage:

» You supply the html and graphics.
» You send these to the homepages coordinator either by e-mail as attachments or snail mail on floppy disk to:
     Non-Commercial WWW pages
     PO Box 7578
» You get a URL with the name of your choice as your homepage directory i.e. http://homepages.cyberxpress.co.nz/yourname/
» File size is limited according to your pricing plan.
» Updates limited to once a week.
» There must be a link back to CyberXpress on your index (main) page. Click here for html and a graphic link.
» There are no charges!

All Web pages must be non-commercial and must not contain offensive material.

CyberXpress reserves the right to block access to or if necessary remove any homepages that contravene any of the conditions listed on this page.

For further enquiries please email the Homepage Co-ordinator.