VisualMap News
Updated the Search Tree, Maps pages
VisualMap can now be used with both the New Zealand Grid and Latitude and Longitude
There is now a new mapping co-ordinates system you can use with VisualMap. The main co-ordinates system is the New Zealand Grid from the Topomap 260 series and the new  co-ordinates system is Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates system.
Copy Maps to the Clipboard.
You can now copy any of your maps to the Windows Clipboard and paste it to your documents.
VisualMap Help new format.
A new tutor provides a step-by step instruction on how to complete the main tasks, explains new features and also introduces you to the new look and feel of VisualMap.

New Zealand Grasshoppers News

New Zealand Grasshopper

Three new species of grasshopper for New Zealand.
New grasshopper photographs of Brachaspis 'lowland', B. nitidus, B. robustus Sigaus 'rock', Brachaspis 'hunter' and Sigaus minutus.
New distribution maps and altitude data for all the grasshoppers.


New Zealand Grasshopper New distribution map and altitude data for Phaulacridium marginale



 Sunday, 16 December 2001